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About Us


Burning Playa Fire Safety Get The SBS Consolidated Family of CompaniesSBS Consolidated exists specifically to meet the needs of the 36,000+ participants at the Annual Burning Man Festival , which takes place in the Black Rock Desert, 100 miles NE of Reno Nevada, the last week of August. 

Fortune 420

SBS Consolidated is currently ranked number 420 on the latest Fortune 420 listing of the smallest U.S. Corporations. SBS Consolidated had a Market Value of $35,000,000 for the year 2005. The company has approximately 150 employees throughout the summer months as The Burning Man Event ramps up & 50 employees November - May.

The company was founded in 2004 by Burners and for Burners, with a deep desire to spawn a new way to  experience Black Rock City.  The Playa can be a formidable place with Dust Storms and searing temperatures, all distractions from the real space & energy of the event.

The SBS Family of companies offer a wide variety of services to enhance and augment your Playa desires. 

No need to hassle with erecting a Shade Structure, Forget Beer in a CAN!! Spin Fire with Safety-in-Mind and have more than just spectators at your Playa Events. 

SBS Consolidated and its subsidiaries are committed to giving you the Playa experience you desire & deserve.

What does this mean for our partners and customers?

It means you can do business with the unquestioned industry leader, confident that our solutions and services will enhance your Black Rock City Experience. It means the innovative traditions at the roots of our company are not only alive and well, but indeed stronger than ever, so that our customers remain at the forefront of efficient, secure and cost-effective services, and will be for decades to come.

"We believe our business will continue to benefit from a positive operating environment due to the quality of our Playa Service offerings and the demographic trends occurring in those that attend the Burning Man event", says ScottoBobScotto, Chairman & CEO.